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Athletic Wear for Fall


Fall is here and the colder air is settling in--urging many of us to pull out our cozy knits and thicker gear. The same holds true for athletic wear. When it is cold outside, it is much harder to motivate ourselves to put on itty bitty shorts and a tiny tank. Our bodies crave warmth and comfort.

TerraFrog has the perfect pair of athletic bottoms to get you out of the house and to the gym. These ladies sweats are ideal for those chilly days. Possibly the longest and coziest sweats you will own, TerraFrog Pop Bottle Sweats are made partly from recycled plastic containers.

How do you make sweats from recycled containers? Well, recycled pop bottles are sorted by color and crushed into tiny chips. The chips are emptied into a vat and heated at high temperatures. The solution is then forced through spinnerets and the resulting thread is woven into a fabric...a wonderful, cozy fabric.

Pop Bottle Sweats = Cozy, not frumpy.

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