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Horoscope for 2018

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Guest Horoscope for 2018

All Astrological Signs - Welcome to 2018!

For many, the year 2017 was a roller coaster year and it seemed like the world was turned upside down. Things have a way of working themselves out and in 2018 we will start to see the world right itself. 2017 was a blip on the radar and sometimes blips are required to ignite passions and encourage action.

Follow your heart in 2018. Make sure that you take time to stop and listen to what the universe is telling you. While I am NEVER one to say, "Things happen for a reason," I can confidently say that for many, events will simply fall into place this year. 

Horoscope 2018 Canada

Try to see the best in people and stay positive. The gloom from 2017 takes a few months to dissipate. If we all offer each other a kind smile or word, things will brighten up faster.


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