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How TerraFrog Athletic Wear Got its Name

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If only we had a dollar for every telephone solicitor that called the company asking for "Terra!"

Why Terra?

Terra means world or earth. The earth is very important to us. We only have one!

Why Frog?

Frogs are extremely sensitive to pollution and other environmental stressors. They are an indicator of how the earth is doing.

TerraFrog Athletic Wear

Did you know that TerraFrog Athletic Wear Strives to Adopt Environmentally Conscious Business Practices?

Specifically, we:

  • discourage waste, and encourage the recycling of materials;
  • use recycled material in our product packaging, shipping materials and everyday practice whenever possible;
  • donate regularly to environmental education programs at the Pembina Institute; and
  • aim to develop means of reducing fuel consumption in the performance of our services by using energy efficient cars, use of unleaded fuel and pre-planning site visits to ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption.

As TerraFrog Clothing Corp. grows, we are committed to incorporating more and more environmentally conscious ways to operate our day to day business


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