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Kindness in the Time of COVID-19

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Kindness in the Time of COVID-19

Today's blog is not about women's athletic wear or yoga pants. Instead, we wanted to focus on being kind to one another in times of turmoil. 2020 has been a tough year for most. But the month of May has been especially depressing. The United States (US) surpassed a 100,000 Coronavirus deaths, the US is erupting with mass protests as rage boils over from the horrific killing of George Floyd, and political divisions in the US continue to grow. The same depressing theme is unfolding here in Canada--with huge job losses associated with the COVID-19 crisis, Toronto store owners being brutally beaten for insisting a customer wear a mask while shopping, and keyboard warriors judging whether their fellow neighbor should or shouldn’t wear a mask.

Where do we go from here?

Well, we can start with kindness and empathy.

Start by being kind to yourself - self compassion builds resilience. We can be mindful of our own fears and how these anxieties factor into our own behavior and project onto others. We can temper our tone with others and try to practice active listening and empathy. Before we jump to conclusions or judgment, we can try to remember that we never fully know someone's history or what they are going through. We can take a minute to just breathe and care for ourselves so that we can care for others.


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