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What to Wear to Yoga Class

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What to wear to yoga class may well depend on the type of yoga you are practicing.

best hot yoga shorts

What to Wear for Bikram and Hot Yoga

Hot yoga and Bikram Yoga are practiced in a heated environment with the goal of making you sweat out all of the toxins. It is a good idea to wear layers that you can peel off as you start to perspire. The best hot yoga clothes are ones that allows your skin to breathe while sweating. A TerraFrog favorite for Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga is our best selling bamboo (rayon from bamboo) Bliss Shorts!

What to Wear for Kundalini Yoga

Many people wear white clothing while practicing Kundalini yoga. The rationale for this is that there is a certain clarity or purity to wearing white. Another belief is that that wearing white extends the wearer's aura and gives them a sense of power and inner strength. TerraFrog created the Purity Tank specifically for Kundalini Yoga. The Purity Tank is a simple, classic yoga tank in pure white.

white yoga tank

What to do Wear to Hatha Yoga Class

Hatha yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in North America. Hatha yoga combines body postures with breathing techniques. Many different types of yoga fall under the Hatha Yoga umbrella (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Lyengar). As a result, there are hundreds of yoga postures and variations so base your clothing decisions on what you feel most comfortable in when bending and stretching. Don't pick a yoga top that is going to ride up when you are doing a downward dog or bottoms that leave you feeling like your bum is exposed. A few TerraFrog favorites for yoga class are our best selling bamboo (rayon from bamboo) Bliss Shorts, Boat Capris, Funky Back Yoga Tanks and our extra extra long Yoga Tunic Tanks!

Can I Wear Shoes to Yoga

Check out our May 2016 guest blog on this very subject. It certainly generated a lot of discussion! Bottom line..."please keep calm when I keep my shoes on." Yoga should be a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment.


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