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The Environment

The Environment



TerraFrog Clothing Corp. Purchases Wind Power 

TerraFrog Clothing Corp. purchases clean Wind Power through Bullfrog Power. The generation of 1,000 kilowatt hours of clean, domestic, renewable energy prevents emissions of approximately 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere. TerraFrog’s emission reductions to date equal 67 tons of CO2, 164 kg of SO2, and 112 kg of NO2!

TerraFrog Clothing Corp. is a Proud Supporter of the Pembina Institute

TerraFrog Clothing Corp.’s monthly donations to the Pembina Institute help fund the research and development of effective strategies to reduce the environmental impact of conventional energy. Donations to the Institute are used to:

  • address environmental challenges such as global warming;
  • deliver environmental education programs; and
  • work with communities, teachers, businesses and government to advance understanding and action on sustainable energy solutions.

TerraFrog Athletic Wear is Manufactured in Canada

TerraFrog Clothes are manufactured right here in Canada! All materials are sourced domestically whenever possible. TerraFrog Clothing Corp. strives to use the services of, and obtain supplies from, Canadian businesses to reduce the fuel consumption involved in deliveries and to support the sustainability of the local economy. 

TerraFrog Clothing Corp. Encourages the Use of Ground Shipping

We all love the convenience of air shipping, but the environmental costs are significant. Airplanes emit more greenhouse gases per mile than ground transportation. From a carbon emissions perspective, standard ground shipping is optimal. While Terrafrog.com offers several modes of delivery, we highly encourage the use of ground shipping.

TerraFrog Clothing Corp. Incorporates Sustainable Fabrics in Their Clothing Line

TerraFrog is proud to use bamboo performance fabric for select items. In addition to being a renewable resource for agroforestry production, bamboo offers both performance and comfort. Please see our FAQ for more info on our fabrics.

TerraFrog Clothing Corp. Strives to Adopt Environmentally Conscious Business Practices

TerraFrog Clothing Corp.’s commitment to minimizing the company’s impact on the environment is reflected in day to day business operations and community and business relationships. Specifically, we:

  • discourage waste, and encourage the recycling of materials;
  • use recycled material in our product packaging, shipping materials and everyday practice whenever possible;
  • donate regularly to environmental education programs at the Pembina Institute; and
  • aim to develop means of reducing fuel consumption in the performance of our services by using energy efficient cars, use of unleaded fuel and pre-planning site visits to ensure the lowest possible fuel consumption.

As TerraFrog Clothing Corp. grows, we are committed to incorporating more and more environmentally conscious ways to operate our day to day business.


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